About Us

About Us

Forest Rock is a UK and Ireland based software and technology company developing solutions for the Internet of Things. We specialise in IoT, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, & Smart Grid solutions. We enable businesses, property owners, and occupants to better understand and control their facilities, to make informed decisions that are good for their pocket and the planet, and to increase their wellbeing and comfort.

Michael Kirkland

Managing director & founder

With a background in software engineering, Michael founded Forest Rock in 2010 with a vision of developing technologies to connect businesses to their buildings and systems.

Richard Seed

Operations director

Richard heads the engineering and software development teams at Forest Rock. He’s both a highly organised professional and fun on a night out.

Ian Kirkland

Commercial director

Ian manages the commercial and financial matters of Forest Rock. He enjoys family time, golf and running the odd 10k.

Nick Cooper

sales and marketing director

Nick leads the Sales and Marketing at Forest Rock. He has a wealth of experience in Smart Buildings and is an enthusiastic, but very average, drummer.

We guide businesses through their digital transformation, leading the deployment of connected devices in industrial and commercial applications. Our team spans experienced engineers, young innovators and enterprise experts to deliver pioneering building automation solutions bringing value directly to your company.

Based on Loughborough University’s Science and Enterprise Park, we are plugged in to one of Europe’s most dynamic innovation communities. Fostering collaboration with world class researchers, we thrive on the cutting edge of IoT technologies; from energy management, through smart buildings, to global systems. Surrounded by global brands and closely collaborating with the University itself, Forest Rock stays at the forefront of IoT development.

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We are always on the lookout for bright, talented, and driven individuals to join our team.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, get in touch with our HR team here: recruitment@forestrock.co.uk.