About Us

About Us

Forest Rock is a UK and Ireland based software and technology company developing solutions for the Internet of Things. We specialise in IoT, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, & Smart Grid solutions. We enable businesses, property owners, and occupants to better understand and control their facilities, to make informed decisions that are good for their pocket and the planet, and to increase their wellbeing and comfort.

What we really do

We consult, design, develop, implement and protect organisations throughout their journey of digital transformation as they embrace the Internet of Things.

Our Vision

To support industries to embrace the Internet of Things for the benefit of organisations, people and the environment.

Michael Kirkland

Managing director & founder

After graduating with a degree in software engineering, Michael built a career developing middleware, before leaving the corporate world to found Forest Rock in 2010.

Ian Kirkland

Commercial director

Ian has a background in operations within the aviation and construction sectors. Ian manages the financial & commercial aspects of the company. 

Richard Seed

Operations director

Richard leads all engineering activities at Forest Rock for both bespoke software development and systems engineering projects.

Nick Cooper

sales and marketing director

Nick is experienced in Smart Building Technologies and leads the Sales and Marketing campaigns at Forest Rock both in the UK & Ireland and also into global markets.


If you think you have what it takes to join our team, get in touch with our HR team here: recruitment@forestrock.co.uk.


Do you want to become a distributor of one of our products? If so, get in touch with our commercial team here: sales@forestrock.co.uk


Our team of experts are here to answer your questions and support you through your IoT projects. Whether you have a Tridium Support Package, have our product Support Package or just need support on your next step – you can get in touch with our team which are here to help.


We’ve worked hard to build a team of international expertise here to help support your IoT Project. Whether you’re looking for bespoke installations, energy management or consultancy on what to do next – we have the right people to support your organisations vision.

Iot devices

Our ever growing online store is here to provide you with quick access to the important IoT devices your projects needs. Have a question or not sure which you need? Get in touch with our sales team at  sales@forestrock.co.uk