Delta Controls O3

Discover the O3

The O3 is a multi-sensor device that mounts to the ceiling, combining temperature, humidity, motion, sound, and light level and color in a single device. The O3 uses Sensor Fusion technology combined with machine learning techniques applied to over eight space characteristics to produce more accurate, faster and smarter feedback of the conditions of a monitored space.

Experience the Best Room Control on the Market

With advanced temperature sensing, the O3 provides a more comfortable environment for you and your staff. The O3 reacts to changes in temperature and people entering and leaving a space faster than any other sensor on the market.

Designed To Complement A Room

Sleek, smart, and efficient, the O3 is designed to complement a room, not distract from it. Installed on the ceiling, the O3 provides the best vantage point for better control and better detection, without cluttering your walls.

Energy Savings

With seven different sensors onboard, the O3 utilizes Sensor Fusion to enhance occupancy detection and temperature reading. The O3 reacts fast when you leave the room—turning off lights, reducing heating and ventilation, saving you money.

The O3 can be Configured Out of the Box with Just a Smartphone.

Wireless configuration allows you to set up devices ahead of time and quickly downloading and then quickly download configurations on site via the app.

The O3 Creates a New Touchless World, With Less Risk of Contagion

  • Installed on your ceiling
  • Integrates with the touchless apps your occupants already use
  • No internet needed, wirelessly connects to your phone
  • Control lighting, fresh air, and temperature

The O3 integrates with lighting applications using the on-board universal I/O ports and wireless EnOcean switches and lighting modules. Remote lighting control can be performed using the built in infrared receiver, BLE from a smartphone device or through any network enabled device.

As an IoT device, the O3 has excellent interoperability with other systems and integrates easily with home and office automation solutions. The power of cloud based automation and analytical tools can be applied to your lighting applications.

Integration with cloud services and publicised APIs facilitates rapid development of customised applications and integrates with latest IoT solutions. Node-RED, a powerful graphical programming tool, is available to support custom programming and dashboards. Node-RED facilitates connection to 3rd party protocols.

Occupant Comfort

  • Optimal light level based on task
  • Lighting and thermostat control in your hand
  • Eliminates wall acne
  • Learning during unoccupied state
  • No false unoccupied state
  • Thermal Comfort Index (ASHRAE 55 2017)

Installation Costs

  • 6 devices into 1 – fewer systems required in room
  • Easier to move location and walls
  • Faster and costs less to install than traditional systems

No Touch

  • Lower life cycle costs
  • No vandalism or tampering
  • Sterile for hospital use
  • Fast hardware upgrade – twist in mount

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