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Experience new levels of control, comfort, energy efficiency, and cloud management with iSMA Controlli’s Intelligent Solutions Managing Automation for small, medium and large buildings.


iSMA Controlli are on a mission to create the world of intelligent, eco-friendly and advanced controls solutions. Through their range, iSMA Controlli offer solutions for projects of all sizes, implemented in both new and existing BMS systems to increase living comfort and energy savings.

And their mission? To make buildings better places to live and work through innovative solutions for wellbeing, intelligence, sustainability and efficiency.

At Forest Rock’s IoT Shop, iSMA Controlli represents an innovative brand creating easy to engineer, cost effective BMS solutions solving many of the problems our customers are facing.


Don’t worry you’re still in the right place. iSMA and Controlli have merged to create a formidable force in the BMS industry. The brands you know and trust all now continue as iSMA Controlli with a broader range of products and better integration.

iSMA IO modules feature automatic Bacnet exposure to quickly discover points by your controller. The kit is designed to be as plug and play as possible to help you deliver projects quicker.

iSMA Controlli’s scalable solutions enable comprehensive control, process visualization, and energy management for small and medium-sized buildings.
Unleash the power of integration, visualization, and IoT connectivity with devices powered by the Niagara Framework, a truly open software platform for building automation.

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We know IO and BMS Controllers are always usually for purpose, that’s why you can always contact our team here.  Our IO specialists can advise with discounts, product details, and bespoke quotes for individual jobs.

Not only do we stock iSMA Controlli Controllers & IO Modules in the UK, iSMA Controlli products are manufactured in Europe so you can expect shorter lead times and greater flexibility on bespoke orders.

Glad you asked: it’s a hybrid IoT Controller Powered by the Niagara Framework A powerful controller with 36 onboard I/Os for monitoring and control, trends, alarms, HTML5 visualization, and ability to
integrate all protocols that are used in commercial buildings.

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Medium sized BMS application example

A wide range of feature rich and competitively priced products facilitates your projects whether they be big or small while not taking up much room in your panel. There’s very little you can’t do with the iSMA range. iSMA Controlli products shine when empowering Small and Medium sized BMS, such as this:

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