Help & Support

Help and Support

Forest Rock are experts in the Internet of Things. We provide training and support to our customers and clients to further the knowledge of those who use our platforms and those 3rd party platforms we work with.

There are 2 core ways that our expert support the increase in knowledge of the Internet of Things, they are:


Forest Rock offers a range of training solutions suitable for the needs of you and your team. Become an expert in the Niagara 4 framework and other Tridium products. Learn how to use analytics with SkySpark for optimal energy utilization or how to use EnergyVision dashboards to manage and analyse building systems.

Technical Support

If you purchase a Tridium system with Forest Rock, you are automatically allocated a team of dedicated Internet of Things professionals who are on hand to support you and your team at a time when your job becomes difficult – we’re here to set you at ease and work through the issue together.