IoT Consultancy

IoT Consultancy

How does Forest Rock support organisations with Internet of Things consultancy?

We are a team of Internet of Things experts from the design and development of smart building solutions, the protection of those systems with cyber security to stocking some of the most important systems for your building in our online store – we have it covered.

Forest Rock can assist in the design, and the creation of the specification and the testing of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, smart building solutions and of integrated building management systems.
We support organisations who require our support in the following locations:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Data Centres
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Shopping Centres

And many more.

Reap The Benefits of Efficiency

IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are developing at an increase rate enabling more and more devices to connect, allowing users to harness the data to drive new insights. This data is invaluable when it comes to driving efficiencies within organisations, not only providing increased productivity, but also providing added value.

Converting Internet of Things Data into Insights

The Internet of Things enables various users to collate, analyse and action valuable data that has been harvested from people, buildings and business assets to provide actionable insights that can be used to increase production and to minimise operational issues.

Existing and New Devices Connecting

The Internet of Things connects multiple devices using multiple protocols, enabling the merging of data to be optimised by the user for their bespoke purposes.

The Protection of your Data and Devices

The possibility to implement security measures to protect your data, devices and locations. IoT technologies support buildings to control and monitor access to all aspects of their premises and prevent malicious behaviours.

How can we support the design of the Integrated Building Management System?

We support –

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Building Management
  • Access and Security
  • Disabled WC
  • Lighting Control
  • Fire Alarm
  • Infrastructure
  • Production Systems

Useful Data To Make Data Driven, Insightful Decisions

Analytics software enables users to review data, make key decisions and take steps to improve systems and processes to the benefit of all, reducing costs, lowering energy, improving safety and well-being.

Transformation Of Workplace Environments Through Digital Connectivity

The use of IoT (Internet of Things) Technologies to improve business operations, enhance workplace environments and connect a variety of devices all supports the notion of reducing costs, improving productivity, lowering carbon emissions and ultimately becoming more green.

Why Industry leaders choose Forest Rock?

Our team of IoT expert consultants ensure that they work closely with the client to establish an implementation strategy and construct a roadmap which sets out the plan of action for the proposed IoT solutions. Forest Rock works with a range of organisations to support them to build a connected devices platform, initiate communications with the cloud and to enable users to view, analyse and make data driven decisions. We support organisations to become more competitive, more green, more innovative and create added value to their customers through improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

The benefits of working with Forest Rock are:

  • We’re a technology advisor & consulting partner for your organisations¬†
  • We have strong IoT expertise
  • We provide flexible & scalable solutions
  • We aim to be flexible with our pricing model
  • We offer a global delivery approach
  • We provide an agile & lean philosophy of working

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