IoT Cybersecurity

IoT Cybersecurity

What is IoT Cyber Security?

There are many organisations whose operations rely on the Internet of Things for their business to function. The day-to-day operations, the safety of the building and of course the data. Keeping this data safe is crucial for the future of the business.

With everything digital, this data and the systems which operate your building are attractive to hackers, this makes smart buildings susceptible to being compromised. These are some ways in which your building could be compromised:

  • Broken Windows: Outdated Operating Systems
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: Unencrypted Passwords
  • Excessive Access: Remotely Accessible Devices
  • Clear and Present Danger: Indicators of Threats
  • Not Minding the Gap: Direct Internet Connections
  • Stale Signatures: No system Updates

How Can Forest Rock Support the Security Of Your Smart Building?

Forest Rock are a team of experts whose knowledge of Internet of Things devices is second to none. With our breath of expertise in the development of integrated building management systems we have the natural ability to create secure systems that deliver on the outcomes and keep the customers data away from hackers. Our IoT Cybersecurity service offers the prevention of outages of your smart systems which could lead to a loss in revenue, failures in health & safety systems or critical assets as well as the theft of sensitive customer and company data. Our team identifies critical vulnerabilities and those areas which are likely to be attacked. We monitor IoT networks which are susceptible malware attacks.

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