Master System Integrators

Master Systems Integrators

What is an Integrated Building Management System?

To improve the performance and operation of your building, an Integrated Building Management System or BMS is essentially the master control system which connects and controls all of the buildings systems. This could include Desk Management, HVAC, Air Quality, Lighting, and more. The Integrated Building Management System or BMS pulls all the data into one single system which allows information to be shared easily and managed with ease.

By integrating all of these various systems the shared data can be analysed and better informed recommendations can be made as to how the building operates. Such recommended changes can be implemented to reduce the running cost of the building, saving money and energy. It can also be used to improve the quality of working conditions of its occupants, which can lead to improved efficiency, productivity and ultimately an increase in revenue for the occupier.

An Integrated Building Management System - How is it operated?

An Integrated Building Management System can be controlled, analysed and optimised from a single pane of glass or Digital Landscape – as we like to call it. This allows the Energy Manager / Facilities Manager to review all systems – all in one place. This can be accessed via any web browser on a computer, laptop, phone or even tablet. Forest Rock design superb user-friendly interfaces allowing the user to understand the information as quickly as possible.

Which building systems can be integrated into a BMS?

There are many building systems which can be integrated into a BMS on the Tridium Niagara Platform, these include:

  • Energy Management
  • Security Systems ie. CCTV, Doors ect
  • Air Quality Management
  • Power Management
  • Lifts & Access points
  • HVAC or Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

How do Forest Rock approach the integration of commercial building systems?

Forest Rock are experts in the design, specification, testing and deployment of smart building systems such as Integrated Building Management Systems. We work with different organisations and partners to deliver the integration of infrastructure systems in a variety of commercial buildings.

Examples of such buildings include Commercial Buildings, Data Centres, Manufacturing Facilities, Shopping Centres and many more.

Forest Rock specialise in the design and development of drivers and API’s to communicate effectively with third-party, often legacy systems. We design and build on industry standard middleware frameworks such as the Tridium Niagara Framework.

In addition, we provide a range of integration products and support services including control systems hardware, bespoke software development, user interface design, technical support, training and certification, and Cyber security testing.

Integration of platform case study

Forest Rock has developed the Melco JACE 8000 on the Tridium Niagara Framework to support commercial buildings to connect their existing systems together to improve the performance of those buildings. The Melco JACE 8000 has drivers which have been designed and developed to plug and play into the Mitsubishi controllers. Forest Rock worked with our client to install these into a well known hotel chain. The purpose of the integration was to connect the AC Air Conditioning units together under one system on the Tridium Niagara Platform. The purpose of this project was to be able to reduce the cost of energy throughout all 150+ locations. The system has since been used to reduce the energy consumed by hotel rooms. The beauty of this Integrated Building Management System is that from a central location, the organisation is able to control the setting of all hotels rooms from 1 user interface – any time, in seconds.

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