Key Features


The Melco Jace 8000 provides connectivity to M-NET centralised controllers: AE-200E, EW-50E, AG-150A, EB-50, GB-50 to control up to 200 indoor units via either direct connection to a Niagara based system or using the  or  open protocols.

  Status Monitoring

The Home page displays the status and details of each Procon centralised controller. Selecting a centralised controller displays all the groups within it. This gives the operator meaningful information on the status of the group such as room temperature, or mode.


Selecting a centralised controller will then display all the groups within. It will give the operator meaningful information such as room temp & humidity.



By selecting a group, a detailed view displays fan speed, direction, temperatures,
and the modes of the group.

The user can adjust setpoints and the modes and perform filter resets.



An alarm page displays a list of any faults or alarm conditions within the connected devices.


Global Commands Feature

The global commands addon provides the ability to control all the devices connected to a centralised controller from one single control action (set point, mode, fan speed etc).


Energy Savings/Load Shedding Feature

Energy Savings/load shedding can be achieved through a forced off + lock command or capacity save command whereby each AC device is set to run in a limited energy consumption mode for a specific period of time.

System Architecture

1. JACE to Mitsubishi Controller (wired)/
JACE to PC (wired)

2. JACE to Mitsubishi Controller (wired)/
JACE to PC (wireless)

3. JACE and PC to Mitsubishi
Controller (wired to building


Package Centralised Controllers #Unit/Groups
Procon MelcoJACE-8025-50 1 50
Procon MelcoJACE-8100-200 4 200
Global Commands Addon
Load Shedding + Global Commands Addon


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