With decades of BMS, IoT & software development experience, Forest Rock is uniquely positioned to design solutions unifying disparate systems into single management platforms.

Connected spaces offer unprecedented organisational agility. In the IoT era, fully connected systems are quickly becoming the norm, providing management with the tools they need to make better decisions, avert failures and improve efficiency.

We collect, present and analyse all your buildings’ systems to provide you with the information you need to drive change and gain a competitive advantage. With real time visibility, critical insights and rapid response times, you can achieve control at scale: remotely managing many sites from a single platform.

Solutions proven by the market

Managing millions of assets nationwide, our platform is designed with sustainability in mind: by optimising asset performance, you can drastically reduce your energy usage, minimising your carbon footprint.

Our platform is proven in thousands of nationwide stores, managing millions of assets for leading chains in grocery, DIY and non-essential retail. Using the latest advances in edge computing to deliver smarter systems with advanced diagnostic, monitoring and management capabilities, we can deliver our end to end, fully deployed, scalable asset management platform.

We enable centralised management of your digital infrastructure, providing relevant visibility and control tailored to role and focused by region. Forest Rock’s platform connects your organisation’s buildings and infrastructure assets across many sites. We deploy the widest range of technologies to offer cutting edge solutions expertly tailored to your needs.

Optimise your facilities by continuously monitoring your energy usage and the status of your critical systems. Our Multi-Site command function allows you to make global changes, such as modify heating schedules, lighting levels, or refrigeration set-points, across your entire estate, at the click of a button.

MyBuildings.Live saves you time and money, by unifying the management of your premises in one, intuitive, cost-effective & sustainable platform.