Procon Melco JACE8000


Key Features



The Melco JACE 8000 provides connectivity to M-NET centralised controllers: AE-200E, EW-50E, AG-150A, EB-50, GB-50 to control up to 200 indoor units via either direct connection to a Niagara based system or using the Modbus or Bacnet open protocols.

Status Monitoring

The Melco JACE 8000 provides real-time monitoring of the status of your Mitsubishi air-conditioning devices from a web-based user interface which is built-in to the Melco JACE 8000 controller.


By selecting a group, a detailed view displays fan speed, direction, temperatures,
and the modes of the group.

The user can adjust setpoints and the modes and perform filter resets.


Maintain peace of mind knowing your systems are staying within pre-set parameters. Be notified when sensor readings fall beyond thresholds. 

Global Commands Feature

Seamlessly control your system with global setpoints, empowering users to respond quickly and automate control.

Energy Savings/Load Shedding Feature

Energy Savings/load shedding can be achieved through a forced off + lock command or capacity save command whereby each AC device is set to run in a limited energy consumption mode for a specific period of time.

System Architecture

1. JACE to Mitsubishi Controller (wired)/
JACE to PC (wired)

2. JACE to Mitsubishi Controller (wired)/
JACE to PC (wireless)

3. JACE and PC to Mitsubishi
Controller (wired to building

PackageCentralised Controllers#Unit/Groups
Procon MelcoJACE-8025-50150
Procon MelcoJACE-8100-2004200
Global Commands Addon
Load Shedding + Global Commands Addon

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