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iSMA Modules

Global Control 5 Ltd. (GC5), one of the Niagara Community members, is the Polish leader in hardware and software technology. They are a team of experienced specialists who have been professionally dealing with building automation systems for many years.

Here at Forest Rock Systems, we are an approved distributor of iSMA products here in the UK. Our range includes:

  • iSMA-B-MIX18
  • iSMA-B-AAC20
  • iSMA-B-AAC20-D
  • iSMA-B-MG-IP
  • iSMA-B-4U4A-H-IP

iSMA Company Address

Global Control 5 S.A.
ul. Budowlanych 27
80-298 Gdansk, Poland

Discover the Forest Rock’s range of iSMA IO Modules - our expert sales team are on hand to answer any questions you may have -