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Here at Forest Rock Systems we stock and distribute a superb choice of uninterruptible power supply or UPS Power Supply Systems throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. These systems are perfectly suited to provide backup if the mains supply fails or drops out.

For Energy Managers / Project Managers and Facilities Management Companies these systems are vital as during a situation where there is a disconnect in electricity or a hardware failure the systems that Forest Rock supply will prevent the loss of critical data. They sense a lack of electricity and automatically kick in to prevent huge disruptions. These trusted Phoenix Contact systems are a must for any company that installs and manages IoT Devices.

Our range of Phoenix Contact UPS System IoT Devices include:

  • TRIO-UPS/1AC/24DC/ 5 – 2866611
  • TRIO-UPS-2G/1AC/24DC/10 – 2907161
  • TRIO-UPS-2G/1AC/24DC/5 – 2907160

And well as UPS System Batteries such as:

  • MINI-BAT/24DC/1.3AH – 2866417
  • QUINT-BAT/24DC/ 3.4AH – 2866349
  • QUINT-BAT/24DC/ 7.2AH – 2866352

These Uninterruptible Power Supply / UPS Power Supply systems are easy to install and are perfect for industrial computers, servers and data centres to protect data in the catastrophic scenario of power outage or an electrical surge.