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Elsys ERS Eye Indoor Environment Sensor

Internal sensors for measuring room occupancy, temperature, humidity, and light.

£146.04 (£175.25 incl. VAT)

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ERS Eye is a sensor for measuring occupancy and the indoor environment. It is enclosed in a room sensor box and is designed to be mounted in the ceiling. ERS Eye is completely wireless and powered by two 3.6V AA lithium batteries. Inside you will find internal sensors for measuring room occupancy (PIR and infrared), temperature, humidity, and light.

This is an indoor LoRaWAN® room sensor for measuring indoor environment and occupancy. It has a clean design and is ideal for mounting in the ceiling above areas where occupancy needs to be measured.  Not only will you have the possibility to optimize the usage of meeting rooms, offices, or other public areas, you will also have full control over the environment there.


  • Indoor environment measuring
  • Smart buildings
  • Workplace management
  • Workplace statistics
  • Facility management
  • Room occupancy

Product features

  • LoRaWAN Certified CM
  • Panasonic Grid-Eye© infrared sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Motion detection sensor (PIR)
  • NFC for configuration
  • Configuration over the air
  • Discrete and minimalistic design

LoRaWAN_Elsys_ERS_Eye_Indoor_Environment_Sensor_Data_Sheet (384KB)


Mechanical Specifications
Weight60 g excluding batteries / 100 g including batteries
Dimensions86 x 86 x 27 mm
EnclosurePlastic, PC/ABS
Operating Conditions
Temperature0 to 50 °C
Humidity0 to 85 % RH (non-condensing)
Device Power Supply
Battery Type2 x 3.6V AA Lithium Batteries
Expected Battery Life<5 years (Depending on configurations and environment)
Device Logging Functions
Sampling IntervalConfigurable via NFC and downlink configuration
Data Upload IntervalConfigurable via NFC and downlink configuration
Radio / Wireless
Wireless TechnologyLoRaWAN® 1.0.3
Wireless SecurityLoRaWAN® End-to-End encryption (AES-CTR), Data Integrity Protection (AES-CMAC)
LoRaWAN Device TypeClass A/C (configurable) End-device
Supported LoRaWAN® featuresOTAA, ABP, ADR, Adaptive Channel Setup
Supported LoRaWAN® regionsUS902 – 928, EU863 – 870, AS923, AU915 – 928, KR920 – 923, RU864, IN865
Link Budget137 dB (SF7) to 151 dB (SF12)
RF Transmit Power14 dB / 20 dB (Region specific)
Data Types
Type valueTypeData sizeComment
0x01Temperature2-3276.5 °C → 3276.5 °C (Value of: 100 → 10.0 °C)
0x02Humidity10 – 100 %
0x04Light20 – 65535 Lux
0x05Motion (PIR)10 – 255 (Number of motion counts)
0x07VDD (Battery voltage)20 – 65535 mV
0x11Occupancy10 = Unoccupied / 1 = Pending(Entering or leaving) / 2 = Occupied
0x13Grid-Eye Room occupancy651 byte ref. 64 byte pixel temp 8×8 (reserved for future use)
0x3DDebug information4Data depends on debug information
0x3ESensor settingsnSensor setting sent to server at startup (first package). Sent on Port+1.