JACE IOM Modules – CON

Connector modules for local or remote serial connection to a JACE® controller. Power and RS485 connection for IOM modules.


The IOM range of I/O modules are designed for use as local I/O within motor control cabinets or as remote I/O connected via RS485 Modbus. Typical applications include building automation control systems.

The CON module contains over-voltage protection on the power terminals and an electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter on the communications terminals. It also contains termination and bias resistors which can be switched into circuit by means of dip switches.

Key features:

▪ DIN rail or direct mounting
▪ The CON module provides convenient power and Modbus connections for the full range of IOM input and output modules
▪ Over voltage protection on power terminals
▪ EMI filter on communications terminals
▪ Integrated termination and bias resistors activated by dip switches

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