LoRawan Outdoor Atmospheric Sensor

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 The Atm’O sensor measures temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure in outdoor and industrial settings and transmits data via a public or private radiofrequency network LoRaWAN.

 The ATM’O sensor measures temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure outdoors or in industrial settings. Data transmission on public or private LoRaWANTM network is done periodically and in case of warning of exceeding previously configured thresholds: – Temperature Min. and max. – Humidity min. and max. 

-Pressure Min. and max. ATM’O makes possible to trace the necessary information to the managers of railway and road infrastructures, as well as the farmers of greenhouses and the vintners for the determination of the frost point. In industrial settings, it helps to determine the blowing conditions to maintain constant temperature and hygrometry in a room dedicated to an industrial process. The sensor has been specially designed for outdoor operation. The case is waterproof and the electronic map carrying out measurements is tropicalized. 

Commissioning is fast and easy. The sensor is equipped with: 

– An NFC identification tag (product number, serial number, production batch) 

– A magnetic switch that allows the installer to easily activate / deactivate the sensor by placing a magnet on the upper dome of the sensor at the location of the ILS tag. 

Atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity data can be stored in local memory (aggregation) and compressed before being transmitted on the LoRaWANTM network. This transfer technique considerably reduces the amount of data transmitted while preserving the autonomy of the sensor. 

When powered by a 3.6V / 7.2Ah battery, the sensor’s autonomy ranges from 5 to 7 years for a “real-time” configuration of 1 measurement every 10 minutes, transmitted immediately. If aggregation is used, autonomy ranges from 8 to 10 years. 


atmo-sensor-data-sheet-lorawan (379kb)

Frequency (MHz)  EU: 863-870 
Transmit power (dBm)  +14 
Receiver sensitivity (dBm)  -140 
Protocol  LoRaWANTM, Class A 
Transmission cycle  10mn, 1h, 12h or specified by the network 
Data compression  yes (differential coding) or not 
Activation method  Activation by Personalization (ABP) 

Over-The-Air Activation (OTAA) 

Data encryption  AES128 
Range  90kPa / 115kPa 
Accuracy  +/- 1,5% between 0°C & 55°C 
Range  -20°C / +55°C 
Accuracy  +/-0,1°C between 20°C & 55°C ; +/-0,2°C if not 
Range  0%rH / 100%rH 
Accuracy  +/- 1,5%rH between +10%rH & 80% rH from 0°C to 55°C ; +/- 2%rH if not 
Power supply  3,6V / 7200mAh – lithium battery 
Autonomy  From 5 to 7 years: 1 measure transmitted every 10 minutes 

From 8 to 10 years: 2 measures / hour, 1 transmission / hour max. 

Magnetic switch  Reset, ON/OFF 
Temperature  Threshold – Programmable from -20 ° C to 55 ° C in steps of 0.1 ° C 
Humidity  Threshold – Programmable from 0%rH to 100%rH in steps of 1%rH 
Pressure  Threshold – Programmable from 90kPa to 115kPa in steps of 0,1kPa 
Dimension (mm)  Diameter: 150mm; Height: 250mm including antenna 
Operating temperature(°C)  -20°C / +55°C 
Storage  +10°C / +30°C ; +20%rH / +60%rH 
EN, 61000-4-2