LoRaWAN Outdoor Temperature Sensor

£145.61 (£174.73 incl. VAT)

 The Outdoor Temperature sensor measures the outdoor temperature and transmits datas over a public or private LoRaWAN® radio network. 


  • LoRaWAN®, Class A. 
  • Easy to install and use. 
  • IP67 waterproof on-board probe; stainless steel tip for improved responsiveness. 
  • Measurement of instantaneous temperatures at regular intervals to calculate minimum/maximum and average temperatures. 
  • Waterproof for outdoor environment (to be placed in the north and protected from bad weather: direct sun, prevailing wind). 
  • Up to 8 years of autonomy. 


 The outdoor temperature sensor allows the outdoor temperature to be remotely recorded in order to have data on the climate. Data transmission on the public or private LoRaWAN® network is done periodically or immediately in the event of an alert following the exceeding of minimum or maximum temperature thresholds. 

Installation and commissioning is quick and easy. The sensor is equipped with : 

– a switch (ILS) to activate and deactivate 

– LEDs to monitor the configuration and association on the network. 

Each sensor is identified by a QR code on the label and an NFC tag in the box. 

Measurement data is transmitted individually or aggregated and compressed (batch mode) before being transmitted on the LoRaWAN® network. 

Batch mode significantly reduces the amount of data transmitted while preserving the device’s autonomy. 

Powered by a 3.6V/3.6Ah battery, the sensor has an autonomy of over 8 years with a configuration of 144 measurements and 24 transmissions per day. 

The battery voltage level can be monitored regularly remotely. 


outdoor-temperature-data-sheet-lorawan (339kb)

Frequency (MHz) EU: 863-870 
Emitted power (dBm) 14 
Sensitivity (dBm) -140 
Protocol LoRaWAN®, Class A 
Measurement periodicity Configurable from 10 minutes 
Transmission interval Immediate following measurement or configurable batch from 30mn to 48h 
Data compression By differential coding (configurable) 
Activation method ABP or OTAA 
Data encryption AES128 
Range – 25°C to +55°C (temporarily +70°C max) 
Accuracy ± 0.2°C in the nominal range (+12°C +25°C); otherwise ± 0.5°C in the extended range (-25°C +12°C) and (+25°C +55°C) 
Resolution (in nominal range) 0.1°C 
Temperature Minimum or maximum thresholds configurable in 1°C steps 
Caracteristics Lithium battery 3,6V / 3600mAh (battery not changeable) 

Transmitted battery voltage level (configurable in 0.1V steps) 

Autonomy (in a range of +10°C to +25°C) 8 years with SF12, 144 measurements and 24 transmissions per day 
ILS + LED switch Association on the network; visible sensor status indication closed sensor 
Dimensions / weight – Sealing 


92x92xw.56mm / 150grs – IP67 

ABS UL94 – V0HB 

Attachment 2 screws and 2 dowels (supplied) 
Operation – 25°C / +70°C 
Storage 10°C / +30°C; +0% rH / + 60% rH 
EN, 61000-4-2 EN 300-220-1 V2-4-1, EN 301 489 V1-6-1