Teltonika RMS – Teltonika Remote Management System

The Remote Management System (RMS) by Teltonika Networks allows you to be in control of your connected solution and consists of three main parts:

RMS MANAGEMENT gives you full control over your fleet of Teltonika Networks routers & gateways, ensuring their security & availability.

RMS CONNECT allows you to reach and control other smart devices remotely, even without Public IP.

RMS API helps you to take what you need from RMS and implement it into the IoT platform of your choice.

£2.00 (£2.40 incl. VAT)

Teltonika RMS allows you to remotely access your teltonika products

  • Clean, fast and responsive user interface with material design.
  • Secure and fast. Connects using MQTT tunnel and SSL certificate
  • RMS hosted on AWS. Connect an unlimited amount of devices.

Key Advantages

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Security feeling
  • Full control of the system
  • Remote access any moment
  • Analytic Data
  • Unified Control
  • Remote Access To Non Teltonika Devices
  • Real Time Alert System
  • Activity Reports
  • Hotspot Tracking Service
  • Remote Firmware / Backup Updates
  • GPS History
  • Statistics Display Charts
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Multi-Config
  • Time-Saving Device Management
  • Activity Log
  • Geoview

Unified Control

  • Manage multiple Teltonika Devices
  • Customisable Interface Layout
  • Configurable Charts View
  • Advanced Search System
  • Tag System


  • Remote CLI and Webui Connection
  • Remote Access Link Generation With Connection Logs
  • Access To A Non-Teltonika Device

Real Time Alert System

  • Configurable Alert Events
  • Customisable Alert Messages
  • Unlimited Alert Count

Activity Report

  • Custom reports By Selected Device Parameters
  • Periodic And Single Time Reports
  • Download Any Time in PDF Format
  • Unlimited Reports Count
  • Unlimited Reports Save Time

Hotspot Tracking Service

  • Add or Delete Users
  • Monitor Data Usage
  • Full Control and Maintenance

Firmware / Backup Updates

  • Hundreds Of Devices Update With One Button Push
  • Always Have The Latest Firmware
  • Your Custom FW Storage

GPS History

  • View the location of moving devices at any point in time
  • Get parameter value by GPS coordinate (example: find where signal strength is best during a trip)
  • Easier management using the static location function

Statistics Display Charts

  • Configurable charts view
  • Chart comparison
  • See all your needed parameters in one chart

Remote Monitoring

  • No need to use public IP
  • Remote access to all your devices
  • Client server based
  • Periodic parameter monitoring


  • As many devices as possible
  • Configuration in a single window

Activity Log

  • Provides a historical record of user and system activity, what activity has taken place and when the activity occurred
  • Monitor user and system activity to identify anomalies
  • Identify non-compliant activity


  • Track and manage devices based on location quickly location and status on a map
  • Automatically map devices based on GPS
  • Manually define devices location
  • Quickly view device status and signal quality
  • Drill down into device or group dashboards
  • Google Maps with an implemented search system

Usage Cases

  • 4G connectivity for retail
  • CCTV construction site monitoring
  • Connected surveillance in Cyprus police helicopters
  • Digital signage & collar connectivity
  • EV charger management – circontrol
  • Industry 4.0 powder coating systems
  • Intelligent traffic systems connectivity
  • LTE connectivity in self-service parcel terminals


  • LTE enabled photo printing services
  • On-board entertainment and captive portal
  • Out-of-band management for CISCO ISR
  • Public transport connectivity
  • Remote monitoring of solar power plants
  • Remote monitoring of oil & gas pipelines
  • Secure branch connectivity
  • Smart grid & substation communication


  • What is RMS security mechanism?
  • How does Teltonika networks devices communicate with RMS?
  • How secure is RMS client connections to the system?
  • What cyber-security certification RMS complies with?


  • Integrate easily with enterprise applications using RMS open API allowing automated data transfer through the cloud.
  • Efficiently share data & processes
  • Automated system-to-system, machine-to-machine and cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Up-to-date information delivered automatically
  • Enable creation of a seamless, interoperable network management solution
  • Expand product and services portfolios
  • Backwards compatible

Alert Expansion

  • Client will be able to manage alert creation by choosing parameters in any way he wants.

Sensors Connection

  • Possibility to track the data sent by sensors via MQTT to RMS

RMS Connect

  • Possibility to manage devices which supports windows, MACOS, LINUX via RMS