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Teltonika RMS – Teltonika Remote Management System

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Introduction to RMS

  • Clean, fast and responsive user interface with material design.
  • Secure and fast. Connects using MQTT tunnel and SSL certificate
  • RMS hosted on AWS. Connect an unlimited amount of devices.

Key Advantages

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Security feeling
  • Full control of the system
  • Remote access any moment
  • Analytic Data
  • Unified Control
  • Remote Access To Non Teltonika Devices
  • Real Time Alert System
  • Activity Reports
  • Hotspot Tracking Service
  • Remote Firmware / Backup Updates
  • GPS History
  • Statistics Display Charts
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Multi-Config
  • Time-Saving Device Management
  • Activity Log
  • Geoview

Unified Control

  • Manage multiple Teltonika Devices
  • Customisable Interface Layout
  • Configurable Charts View
  • Advanced Search System
  • Tag System


  • Remote CLI and Webui Connection
  • Remote Access Link Generation With Connection Logs
  • Access To A Non-Teltonika Device

Real Time Alert System

  • Configurable Alert Events
  • Customisable Alert Messages
  • Unlimited Alert Count

Activity Report

  • Custom reports By Selected Device Parameters
  • Periodic And Single Time Reports
  • Download Any Time in PDF Format
  • Unlimited Reports Count
  • Unlimited Reports Save Time

Hotspot Tracking Service

  • Add or Delete Users
  • Monitor Data Usage
  • Full Control and Maintenance

Firmware / Backup Updates

  • Hundreds Of Devices Update With One Button Push
  • Always Have The Latest Firmware
  • Your Custom FW Storage

GPS History

  • View the location of moving devices at any point in time
  • Get parameter value by GPS coordinate (example: find where signal strength is best during a trip)
  • Easier management using the static location function

Statistics Display Charts

  • Configurable charts view
  • Chart comparison
  • See all your needed parameters in one chart

Remote Monitoring

  • No need to use public IP
  • Remote access to all your devices
  • Client server based
  • Periodic parameter monitoring


  • As many devices as possible
  • Configuration in a single window

Activity Log

  • Provides a historical record of user and system activity, what activity has taken place and when the activity occurred
  • Monitor user and system activity to identify anomalies
  • Identify non-compliant activity


  • Track and manage devices based on location quickly location and status on a map
  • Automatically map devices based on GPS
  • Manually define devices location
  • Quickly view device status and signal quality
  • Drill down into device or group dashboards
  • Google Maps with an implemented search system

Usage Cases

  • 4G connectivity for retail
  • CCTV construction site monitoring
  • Connected surveillance in Cyprus police helicopters
  • Digital signage & collar connectivity
  • EV charger management – circontrol
  • Industry 4.0 powder coating systems
  • Intelligent traffic systems connectivity
  • LTE connectivity in self-service parcel terminals


  • LTE enabled photo printing services
  • On-board entertainment and captive portal
  • Out-of-band management for CISCO ISR
  • Public transport connectivity
  • Remote monitoring of solar power plants
  • Remote monitoring of oil & gas pipelines
  • Secure branch connectivity
  • Smart grid & substation communication


  • What is RMS security mechanism?
  • How does Teltonika networks devices communicate with RMS?
  • How secure is RMS client connections to the system?
  • What cyber-security certification RMS complies with?


  • Integrate easily with enterprise applications using RMS open API allowing automated data transfer through the cloud.
  • Efficiently share data & processes
  • Automated system-to-system, machine-to-machine and cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Up-to-date information delivered automatically
  • Enable creation of a seamless, interoperable network management solution
  • Expand product and services portfolios
  • Backwards compatible

Alert Expansion

  • Client will be able to manage alert creation by choosing parameters in any way he wants.

Sensors Connection

  • Possibility to track the data sent by sensors via MQTT to RMS

RMS Connect

  • Possibility to manage devices which supports windows, MACOS, LINUX via RMS
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