Essentials Training 3-day Course [NEW]

Want to advance your analytics skills and experience with SkySpark?

Forest Rock are now booking places for our SkySpark Essentials Training 3-day course in March 2020. Training will held at our offices based on the Loughborough University campus, and led by SkyFoundry’s own Adam Wallen.

Overview: A 3-day course covering introduction to analytics for energy management, building systems optimization and equipment fault detection.

Date: 16th – 18th March 2020

Cost: £1,195.00

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Improve your Building’s performance

SkySpark allows users to capture their knowledge in “rules” that automatically run against collected data. Employing tagging, pattern recognition, functional rules processing and other techniques, SkySpark’s analytics engine provides the ability to automatically identify issues worthy of attention.

The result is the capability to tell the user what they need to know about the performance of their systems.


Automated Analytics

Applying analytics to the data produced by equipment systems has been proven to be a highly effective way to reduce operating costs and improve facility operations.

SkySpark analytics software from Forest Rock automatically analyses building, energy and equipment data identifying patterns that represent faults, deviations and opportunities for savings.

Our solutions helps facility owners and operators define rules that automatically “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems, without the need for manual analysis.

The KPI App

Automatically calculates key performance indicators and presents them in “candle charts”.


Energy Monitoring & Relationships

Provides a comprehensive suite for analysis of energy resources including electrical demand, consumption, cost, as well as water and gas usage. The unique Operations view automatically aligns energy usage data with equipment operational status showing you exactly how your equipment systems are affecting energy use.


Equipment Analysis

SkySpark allows for easy navigation through the data associated with equipment systems without having to create graphics of equipment systems. Faults and performance of specific equipment within your building or estate can be analyzed automatically and show faults visually automatically without having to find the information manually.


Customized Graphs and Reports

SkySpark allows the combination of all types of data together along with analytic results to create views and charts to meet specific needs.

All of the SkySpark Apps allow you to turn any view into a report in a variety of formats including PDF, or export the view for use in your favourite desktop word processing or publishing tools in formats including SVG, PNG, HTML, Excel and more.