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What is Tridium Software Development?

The Tridium platform is an open framework which enables specialist software developers to build upon Niagara to produce bespoke products, applications, plug-ins and applications for businesses.

The platform facilitates accelerated development by providing the core infrastructure which enables developers to focus on the more important and complex challenges of developing to meet the requirements of the client and the premises. 

The Niagara Framework enables Forest Rock and our team of software developers to further develop the Internet of Things. With the platform having been established for more than 15 years, the track record shows the ability for organisations to improve customer satisfaction, offer new services and extend and improve the functionality of new and existing systems.

How do Forest Rock support your Tridium project?

Forest Rock are certified development partners for the Tridium Niagara platform and we support organisations with custom development projects. From the development of software and hardware solutions, we help you manage your premises more intelligently to reduce costs, increase productivity and save energy.


We develop software which supports the integration of various commercial building systems and processes which pulls the buildings data together to be viewed and analysed in software packages such as N4 Energy Manager and SkySpark. Such platforms can provide the data and guidance to make informed decisions to improve workforce productivity and comfort, to lower carbon emissions and ultimately lower costs.


Our team of professional software engineers and designers specialise in the development of protocol drivers, middleware applications, database and web service integration, embedded control system software and web applications.


We work with our clients to develop custom software solutions for the end-users, systems integrators and product manufacturers who wish to leverage the expertise of the Niagara Framework to improve their buildings automation and communication systems.

Our Products

Our team of experts have developed Drivers and Middleware and have produced a number of software solutions. The 3 main products we have developed and offer support for include:

N4 EnergyManager

N4 Energy Manager was designed and developed to help Energy Managers to understand the energy consumption of their premises. The data is presented into a single pane of glass to help support the end user to make decisions to improve the energy efficiency of the building. The software automatically collects and enables analysis of energy consumption via visually appealing graphs and charts.

Some key features include:

  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Ranking
  • Advanced Bar Charts
  • Contribution Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Heat Map
  • Automated Reports
  • Meter Aggregation
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Data Integrity
  • Menu Builder
  • Energy Temperature Curve
  • Customisable to your BMS
  • Public Display Screen & Digital Signage

Procon  Melco JACE-8000

Forest Rock have developed the Procon Melco JACE-8000 which provides direct connection to Mitsubishi Electric M-NET centralised controllers: AE-200E, EW-50E, AG-150A, EB-50, GB-50 to control up to 200 indoor units via either direct connection to a Niagara based system or using the MODBUS or BACnet open protocols.

The Procon Melco Jace 8000 also comes pre loaded with HTML5 graphics allowing easy configuration and connectivity to the Procon central controller.

The Procon Melco JACE-8000 key features include:

Monitor and control up to 200 indoor units
Tridium Niagara 4 compatible
Built in HTML5 web page for plug & play
On-board library Modbus & BACnet MSTP for Procon MELCOBEMS
No additional interface required, direct plug & play to centralised controllers
On-board Wi-Fi application to allow commissioning by PC, tablet or smartphone

 This interface device has been developed by Forest Rock with the approval of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC (UK). It’s use ensures validation of the CE marking, warranty and service agreement of associated Mitsubishi Electric equipment.

Forest Rock will take control of the whole process and guide you through to completion. We can’t wait to help you face these challenges, and to experience how we can make a difference to your business, so call us now to speak to one of our experts on:

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