IoT Software Development

Forest Rock are the world’s largest third party software house developing Niagara solutions.

Alongside Forest Rock technologies like the specialised Procon Melco Jace8000 or N4 Energy Manager, our developers are experienced in delivering custom drivers, solutions and software for companies across the buildings control industry. Get in touch to find out how our software can empower your business.

What is Tridium Software Development

The Tridium platform is an open framework enabling specialist software developers to build upon Niagara to produce bespoke products, applications and plug-ins for businesses.

The platform accelerates development by supplying the core infrastructure on which developers can build efficient custom solutions to meet the requirements of the client and premises.

Forest Rock’s software developers use Niagara to constantly push the boundaries of the Internet of Things. Niagara’s 15+ year track record combines proven reliability with continual innovation.

How do Forest Rock support your Tridium Project?

As certified development partners for the Tridium Niagara platform, Forest Rock support organisations with custom development projects. From custom software to hardware solutions, we help you manage your premises more intelligently to reduce costs, increase productivity and save energy.

Our software facilitates the integration of various commercial building systems & processes, pulling building data together to be analysed in packages like N4 Energy Manager & SkySpark. These platforms deliver the data and visibility to make informed decisions to improve workforce comfort and productivity, lower carbon emissions, all the while reducing costs along the way.

Our expertise works for you

Our team of software engineers and designers specialise in the development of protocol drivers, middleware applications, database and web service integration, embedded control system software and web applications.

We work with our clients to develop custom software solutions for their end-users, systems integrators and product manufacturers who wish to leverage the expertise of the Niagara Framework to improve their buildings automation and communication systems.

Our key products

Developed and supported by our experts, these state of the art solutions use the latest in connected technologies to reliably bring you closer to your facilities. 

N4 is designed for those who need to understand their premises. Unrivalled visibility of your energy consumption enables smarter decision making and greater control. N4 automatically collects energy data for analysis and monitoring via its modern and engaging UI.

Developed by Forest Rock, the Melco Jace 8000 provides connectivity to M-NET centralised controllers. 

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