IoT Software Training

Forest Rock offers a range of training solutions suitable for the needs of you and your team. Become an expert in the Niagara 4 framework and other Tridium products. Learn how to use analytics with SkySpark for optimal energy utilization or how to use EnergyVision dashboards to manage and analyse building systems.
Niagara 4

Tridium Niagara 4 Certification

Get certified in Tridium Niagara 4. Led by Forest Rock’s senior Niagara Engineers, this course is suitable for novices and experienced engineers alike. Deepen your BMS knowledge and elevate your qualifications with an official Tridium Niagara 4 certification.

Tridium Essentials Training

A 2-day introduction course for estimators, maintainers, and commissioning engineers who want an introduction to the devices, capabilities, and key concepts of the Niagara Framework. This course gives you a useful insight into the world of Tridium covering topics such as hardware selection  drivers, IO modules, protocols and licensing.

N4 EnergyManager Training

A 2-day course for engineers who want to learn how to deploy the N4 EnergyManager benchmarking, analysis and dashboard software.

This course will enable you to deliver advanced Energy Management capabilities to your clients, with advanced visualisation and analysis tools at their fingertips.

SkySpark Advanced Training

A 2-day session designed for users that are actively involved in development of Axon functions for analytics, data transformation, data importing and custom reporting. The course covers sophisticated analytic functions in the SkySpark extension libraries, importing and transforming data from a range of external sources and live Connectors.

SkySpark Essentials

A 2 week course (split into 2 hour daily sessions) covering introduction to analytics for energy management, building systems optimisation and equipment fault detection.

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