Tridium Niagara Training

We are pleased to say we have reshaped our teaching of the Tridium Niagara 4 Certification training course to provide a new and innovative way of training and we will be running this course remotely, online for our students.

This is a superb opportunity for those Energy Managers, Engineers and Project Managers who are usually pushed for time and availability to complete the 5 days of training online. We’re taking the business as usual approach and have taken our usual office based training into a fully remote e-learning course.

The course will be instructor led and delivered with our interactive video conferencing software which enables our students to fully interact with one another and our expert instructor Steve. All resources will be shared and open discussions encouraged. There will be 5 days of online training and on the last day there will be the practical exam.

What is the Tridium Niagara 4 Certification training course?

This training course is designed to provide a solid foundation for users of the Tridium Niagara 4 framework to be able to efficiently design, engineer and program projects effectively.

When are the courses run?

– 19th April 2021 – SOLD OUT

– 24th May 2021 – Last Few Places 

– 5th July 2021

– 6th September 2021

Tridium Niagara 4 Certification - Course Cost

£1,349.00 + VAT – Single Candidate

£1,249.00 + VAT – For 3 or more candidates

Why complete the training with Forest Rock?

We have a superb team of experts who are here to make sure you learn and enjoy the week you spend with us. We create an experience which not only incorporates excellent learning but the feeling of being part of the Forest Rock family. Our Loughborough University campus offices include a restaurant which is open from 8am – 3:30pm. In our offices, we ensure all trainees have fresh coffee, teas and snacks throughout the day, as well as a delicious buffet lunch provided each day served between 12 noon and 1pm.

All of our trainees have access to a state of the art gym facility on campus which is open from 6:30am until 10pm and has access to gym classes* and use all the equipment. Our colleagues also like to organise a mid-week get to together with an evening meal and social drinks gathering. This is usually arranged based on the groups preferences on location and dates. 

*Classes are subject to availability and is it recommended to book through Forest Rock at least 1 week before the course start date

Prior to beginning the course

Approximately one week before the training course begins, our team will send information across to the trainees encouraging them to register with Niagara. We see this is as worthwhile activity as you’ll be able to access some free training resources over on the Niagara community website as well as receive the pre-course notes. This will give trainees the opportunity to become familiar with the course materials as well as create a list of questions that they may need answering. Tridium also provides plenty of resources, so it’s always worth ticking the box to receive updates from Tridium directly.

Tridium Niagara 4 Certification – Timetable​

9:00 am – 17:00 pm:

  • Create a New Station
  • Basic Components
  • Tagging
  • Drivers: Modbus
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • History Monitoring
  • KitControl Thermostat
  • LeadLag Controls
  • Using Schedules

9:00 am – 17:00 pm:

  • Loop Control
  • Reusable Logic
  • Hierarchies
  • Commissioning a JACE
  • BACnet Network
  • PX Basics Lab
9:00 am – 17:00 pm:
  • PX Include
  • PX Graphics for Plant Room
  • PX Graphics for AHU
  • Dashboards Creating Templates
  • Nav File
  • Categories, Roles and Users
  • Station Templates

9:00 am – 17:00 pm:

  • Web Supervisor
  • Practical Test
9:00 am – TBC:
  • Tridium Niagara 4 Certification Exam

After the training

Forest Rock has a real ethos in caring for our clients and partners and we offer technical support packages for trainees and those who complete one of our Tridium Niagara 4 Certifications. Those organisations who are partners with Forest Rock automatically receive our Tridium Niagara Support Package. To find out more about this, visit here for Tridium Niagara Support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

In normal circumstances, we invite trainees to our offices at Loughborough University. The address is: Charnwood Building, Holywell Park, Ashby Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3AQ, United Kingdom.


Yes. Although we believe our facilities in Loughborough provide a superb base for learning, we are happy to meet the needs of our clients and conduct training in various locations. As we have the ability to train through the cloud, the only real requirement is that the location has a reliable internet connection – the rest we’ll organise.



Forest Rock’s Tridium Niagara 4 TCP Certification will take place at our Loughborough head office over the course of a 5 day period. During these 5 days, there will be a number of the key aspects of the Niagara 4 framework explained. We actively encourage our students to engage in the training sessions and ask as many questions as they wish throughout each section during each day – we’re here to help and support you and your colleagues. We aim to mix up the sessions to make it easy to digest through demonstrations, walk throughs with guidance as well as number of hands on sessions which are supported by our experts – step by step.

Not only does this course cover the Tridium Niagara 4 platform but also the JACE 8000, multi-protocol I/O Modules as well as the Niagara 4 workbench tool & supervisor. The course is split into small chunks, covering different aspects of the niagara framework. We begin at the first module, and each module builds on the next one to provide a full working project using different devices drivers, such as modbus and Bacnet. We use implement tagging, hierarchies, alarms, histories and connection to the niagara network and graphics. Although this training cannot cover all aspects entirely, it gives the users a solid grounding of knowledge for further learning.

As an official partner of Tridium, we’re able to offer a full Tridium Niagara 4 Certifications which covers all major aspects required.

There are a number of great hotels close to Loughborough University campus (where we’re based). These include: Burleigh Court, Premier Inn, Travelodge and The Link.

Yes. On the final day of the 5 day course, there will be a practical examination. The test examines the users knowledge of Tridium Niagara 4 Framework. Although there are no time limits to the test, it will need to be completed within the working day which is between 9:00 am – 17:00 pm. This allows trainees to complete the examination at their own pace and utilise their notes they have made throughout the week.

Although there isn’t any background experience required for Tridium specifically, a technical background knowledge of BMS systems would be greatly beneficial to completing this course. Those with background knowledge of Tridium AX will be able to grasp the material well and many skills from AX are transferable to Tridium Niagara 4. This course has been specifically designed for systems integrators and engineers from a variety of different backgrounds. In short, Tridium understanding is beneficial, but not essential. 

Upon completion of the Tridium Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program, trainees will be awarded with an official Tridium Niagara 4 certification. This demonstrates that users have a solid foundation of expertise to be able to design engineer and program projects using Niagara 4.

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