Energy Management & Analytics

Energy Management and Analytics

Supporting energy consultants / managers / experts, facilities managers and technical engineers to demystify the multitude of data from complex, difficult to understand data sets into simplified, easy to use, understand and actionable information leading to better decision making to reduce energy consumption.

Forest Rock provides a range of solutions to meet these ever growing challenges and help the experts do what they’re best at. Below you’ll find information on N4 Energy Manager, SkySpark and the Procon Melco JACE 8000.

Energy Management Software, N4 EnergyManager by Forest Rock

N4 Energy Manager is an Energy Management Software platform which is used to understand your energy consumption. Developed by Forest Rock, N4 Energy Manager helps you maximise the energy efficiency of your buildings, by automatically collecting and analysing all forms of energy consumption, and generating invoices, bills or reports.

Visually appealing graphics and charts guarantee a well-ordered and intuitive presentation of energy data. Fully customisable navigation menu, and dashboard pages allows you to easily evaluate your energy consumption to help realise substantial savings in energy costs.

Here are some of the other features:

  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Ranking
  • Advanced Bar Charts
  • Use Excel to Create Advanced Reports, Tenant Bills, or Invoices
  • Generate Simple Reports in a web browser
  • Analyse your buildings performance
  • Regression Analysis
  • Contribution Analysis
  • Heat Map
  • Menu Builder
  • Customisable to your BMS
  • Meter Aggregation
  • Promote Awareness with Kiosk Mode
  • Digital Energy Displays

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Energy Analytic Software – SkySpark

Forest Rock is the sole UK and Ireland distributor of SkySpark by SkyFoundry – software which helps Energy Managers find what matters most in the ocean of data that Smart systems produce.

Here are just some features:

  • Improve Your Building’s Performance
  • Automated Analytics
  • The KPI App
  • Energy Monitoring & Relationships
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Customised Graphs and Reports

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Procon Melco JACE8000

The Melco Jace 8000 provides connectivity to M-NET centralised controllers: AE-200E, EW-50E, AG-150A, EB-50, GB-50 to control up to 200 indoor units via either direct connection to a Niagara based system or using the Modubus  or Bacnet open protocols.

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