Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies have given life to Smart Buildings which now meet the ever growing needs of modern organisations and government energy emissions targets. The purpose of smart building solutions are to provide organisations with the connectivity, data and applications to make informed decisions which improve efficiency, reduce costs, lower emissions, boost productivity, and improve occupant well-being.

Here at Forest Rock, we support our clients to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies by providing a number of services and solutions including IoT Consultancy, Master Systems Integrations and Smart Building Solutions.

Discover more with how we can support your next IoT Project:

IoT Consultancy

We support organisations with their next steps in embracing the Internet of Things and work closely in designing and developing a roadmap for the changes in the organisations either existing premises or new building. Discover how we can provide Internet of Things (IoT) Consultancy for your next projects.

Smart Building Solutions

Forest Rock are experts in the Internet of Things (IoT) and our team of expert engineers support organisations throughout their process of embracing new technologies which improve their business processes. We support the development of an implementation strategy and set out a roadmap for the plan of actions. We then support the execution of the installation and setup of an integrated Building Management System. Discover how we can support your project from start to finish.

Master Systems Integrators

The crux of a truly integrated building, which fully embraces the benefits of the Internet of Things is an Integrated Building Management System or BMS. The configuration of this system requires technical capabilities to ensure that the various internal systems such as HVAC, lighting, Security and much more are all sharing data into a single system. Find out more about how our technical team can support your project of integrating your internal systems into a single building management system.